Brook M. Stone, MSW, LCSW



“I believe in the healing power of therapeutic dialogue where people can learn to accept and integrate all the facets of who they are.”

Brook Stone believes in the healing power of human relationships, and emphasizes this in her clinical practice. She cultivates a safe space where patients can talk comfortably about fears and challenges of living and healing.

As part of her practice, she has worked extensively with cancer and other complex medical conditions to help patients integrate complementary methods of self-care, while helping people sort through the complex emotional issues that often arise.

Brook is a graduate of Smith College’s School for Social Work. She is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist. She has been a student of mindfulness meditation for more than 30 years, having studied with Jon Kabat-Zinn and many other teachers over the years. Some of her techniques include guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, and the practice of presence. Brook remains a lifelong student, studying a range of topics, such as contemporary psycho-analytic theory and practice, eco-psychology and soul work, and healing through writing. She continues her own spiritual development through regular meditation retreats and ongoing meditative inquiry, and she brings this unique blend of interests to her work with patients.

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